Serving the world by scattering our quality OEM Solid wood Furniture

Show Your Idea, Enjoy Our Creativity

We present a fusion between modern designs over infinite imagination and premium wooden materials. We offer a wide range of both standard and custom application for any industries, houses, hotels, and a lot more. Feel free to work with us, show your idea, and enjoy our creativity embodied in OEM solid wood furniture as an involvement to our clients' business.

Taken from the Finest of Our Nature

It was a dream to pursue, where we wanted to serve the world by scattering our quality OEM Solid wood Furniture which is made of premium wooden materials from our tropical country, Indonesia. The most excellent ones, made of 100% solid wood, and are worth exported. We never gamble with quality. We carved those tropical and legally planted wooden materials called Mahogany, Mindi, Pine, Rubber and Albasia taken from our natural source, through our most talented hands to be high quality furniture products that surpassed International standard.

About Certificate

Decree of Director General of Forest Production Development Number P.S/VI-BPPHH/2014, date July, 14th 2014 on Standart and Implementation Guidelines on Performance Assessment of Sustainable Forest Management and Timber Legality Assurance Appendic 2.5. Standart of Timber Legality Assurance System on IUIPHHK Holder with capacity > 6.000 M3/year and IUI with investment > 500 million.


It was a journey of passion

The Company Founded

Iga Abadi Furniture was founded on the 7th of November 1988 by Mr. Tony Bastiaan, when the high demand of furniture rose. The company manufactured Flooring and Moulding component at the earlier years.

Developing Our Business

As time went by, we flapped our wings by developing our business. Considering the high demand of wood furniture Western countries, especially USA; we manufactured exported-wood furniture since 1994.

Globally Recognized

Iga Abadi Furniture is now headed by Mr. Rocky Bastiaan. We are committed to be the your reliable OEM Solid wood Furniture manufacturer in Indonesia, a globally recognized all over the world and renowned as an excellent OEM solid wood furniture manufacturer at International scale.

Journey of Passion

It was a journey of passion, years of infatuation. Over 20 year-experience dealing with furniture industry, we have served hundred wholesaler, reseller, and furniture stores in America, South America and Canada by providing International standard furniture. Our products range from bedroom sets, dining room sets, and occasional tables.


We know how to fit with each client's need.
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Serving Better

Our experience and capability enable us to recognize the character of each different client. We see buyers who are very consider about wooden materials deeper. We know how to fit with each client's need.

We add the value by manufacturing 100% solid wood without any mixture of other material. Thus we manufacture better OEM furniture compared to Mexico, Brazil, China, Vietnam, and Malaysia. As our business grows, the production capacity improved rapidly. It was 40.000 m3/year (600 containers) at the earlier years, and it reaches 100.000 m3/year (1500 containers) today.

We are ready to be the most reliable partner to provide customized OEM furniture to wholesalers all over the world.


Serving the world by scattering our quality OEM Solid Wood Furniture

Over years exporting solid wood furniture products to USA, we have the formula by combining Design Engineering and Product Development as our main services. It is our dream to export finished furniture products since it gives more value instead of exporting partial furniture products.

Design Engineering

In Design Engineering, we put our ideas together, make it into a warm discussion and fix it. It is like working with all of our heart, putting a whole love on it to create the most valued furniture designs. Preceded by small research, we observe the market trend for the latest furniture design, and finished by the execution, applying the design into a real furniture piece. The finished furniture product is then stringently controlled over its quality to make sure the whole steps were perfectly performed.

We also make the design upon clients' request. We interpret clients' ideas into the real furniture design. And once designs are approved, the real production is performed.

Product Development

Product Development is such a smart project of how to create innovations regularly. It is not only the product, but also how to make those products are loved, wanted over time as well as last in all age. Hence, we serve product development performed regularly every six months to create and discover new furniture applications for any needs.

It is started by having a little research about the latest furniture development, and scrutinizing what products will result a big boom next. The jumped ideas are put into a table of warm discussion. The execution is performed by manufacturing the innovation designs real.


International Quality

Moving Forward

Our market covers all areas of Unites States of America. We are moving forward to broaden our market as a next target. We are going to develop our service to Australia and other possible countries with better products, higher quality and better service.

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