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Furniture is kind of investment

Care and Cleaning


Some said furniture is kind of investment. It should last long, comfy, pretty, and valuable. As an important need to purchase, you need to protect this investment by maintaining it perfectly as well as making sure that it keeps gorgeous every time.


Wood Type

Pines, known scientifically as Pinus merkusii, Pinus caribaea, or Pinus insularis are among the most commercially important tree species.


Wood Type

Albasia, known scientifically as Albizzia falcate is commonly planted in Java Indonesia, and harvested from Indonesia’s natural forest.


Wood Type

Mindi wood, known scientifically as Melia azedarach is commonly known as white cedar or Chinaberry, originated in Asia and India.


Wood Type

Mahogany, known scientifically as Swietenia macrophylla is one of the most popular woods used for home furniture and decoration.

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